Here are all the reasons to register for a People’s Climate Mobilisation event near you (and not later):

1. Signing up now could mean two people later.

When you sign up, it makes it that much easier for your neighbour and friend to join you. And once they join, they’ll need time to convince their neighbour and friend. And once the kids are coming, their friends will want to join, but need to convince their parents. And so on. If we had all the time in the world, making this a huge march would be easy. But we don’t: we have less than two weeks left, and we need everyone soon.

2. Because this is still happening.

And it’s not waiting. Or pausing to consider.


3. We need to know how many bands and toilets to organise for the big marches

(We’re serious about this.)


4. Because missing out is just not fun. Did someone say GIANT CARBON BUBBLES?

Do you really want to say you weren’t there for the largest climate mobilisation ever? I’m guessing no. Why give yourself the chance to miss out — sign up now, skip the FOMO (fear of missing out). Oh, and did I mention there will be GIANT CARBON BUBBLES?

giant carbon bubbles


5. If David Cameron can make it to the New York event, you can make it to the one in your city.

The UK is historically one of the world’s largest carbon polluters (having kicked off the industrial revolution) and their Prime Minister is making the trip to the New York Summit, as is President Obama, whose country has actually emitted the most pollution in history. They’re making this a priority, which means you should also!

David Cameron floods

6. It’s been a tough year, and we could all do with some hope.

A lot of rough things have happened this year. I won’t repeat them all here, but I will say this: if you’re looking for hope, I can think of no better place to be than the streets of your local city between  19th and 21st September 21st, when the world will be coming together.


8. Because people like this are still out there…

This is a real tweet someone sent in the United States. You might get a kick by joining the march?

Crazy tweet

9. There hasn’t been a social movement in history that has succeeded without putting massive numbers of people in the streets.

When world leaders gather in New York in September to talk about climate action, it will take a huge crowd to move them from words to action. Big marches don’t always work immediately — but there’s pretty much no path to climate action that doesn’t include massive mobilization from people like you.

10. This is our chance to gear up for a huge year of organising

September 19- 21 is about uniting and building the movement we’ll need in the months ahead to take the European divestment movement and other campaigns to the next level. We’ll mobilise on those dates but then we need to organise what happens next. When you leave, we want you to feel connected and inspired to get involved in one of the many awesome climate campaigns underway to protect our climate – whether it’s fighting fossil fuel expansions on the front line, divestment and more, this is when we step it up.

Because a world where our leaders are taking climate action, not just talking about it, will mean good jobs, safe energy and a shot at a more just world.

We have a chance to change everything. Let’s not hesitate to take it.

Sign up for the People’s Climate Mobilisation here.