1. Art works

Not only is making art a fun way to get everyone together to prepare for your Global Divestment Mobilisation action, it’s also the easiest way to convey your divestment message to your target and to the public.

From simple banners to props like this one from students in Uppsala University, now’s the time to get creative — or just use this ready-made signmaker and press print/share!

Don’t forget to capture and share photos and video of your art — the preparations and your action itself — using the hashtag #fossilfree.

2. Go Live!

Spread the impact of your action far beyond the people taking part by using social media.

It’s never been easier to broadcast your action live to the world than today with tools like Facebook Live, Periscope and Youtube now available on the move with a smartphone.

Check out a range of social media resources including this new:

Guide to Using Social Media for Recruitment and Storytelling.

3. Make headlines

Another way to make sure your institution or target can’t ignore you is getting your actions featured on local or national media. Check out the GDM Media Toolkit including sample press releases and interview tips.

GDM Media Toolkit

4. Recruit recruit recruit

Every hour between now and the start of your event is an opportunity to get more people to RSVP. Share your event link widely, and use your event host tools to let your sign-ups know exactly what to expect:

  • What’s happening and how will they take part
  • What time is it starting and where
  • What to bring / not bring
  • Links to your social media accounts

5. GDM is only the beginning

cycleHave you thought about what happens after you get all these people excited about taking action on fossil fuel divestment? Organise a follow-up event to introduce new people to your campaign and get them involved in your local divestment movement.   We’ve put together a kit with everything you’ll need, including a ready-made presentation on Fossil Free and films you could show.


GDM grow your group Toolkit

Bonus round

Don’t forget that this Thursday at 2pm EST / 8pm CEST Bill McKibben is hosting a hype-building live broadcast all about Global Divestment Mobilisation. Why not tune in?