All is not well with the world. Impacts of climate change are being felt everywhere as the climate crisis deepens. The fossil fuel industry continues to interfere in politics and delay climate solutions in pursuit of profit. We heard only this week that #ShellKnew about climate change decades ago but decided to ignore its own suggestions, just like #ExxonKnew.

But the resistance is growing too – already dozens of groups around the world have registered actions for May 5 – 13.  Together globally we’re exposing the immoral face of the fossil fuel industry and removing the pillars of support that provide their political power – our public institutions.

For the Global Divestment Mobilisation, there are events being planned across 5 continents, from South Africa to New Zealand, with 35 already on the map here in Europe. You can get involved with an event already happening, or organise your own – there’s an organising guide to help you, and we’re hosting Europe wide webinars to give you more ideas and answer your questions.

Join an Online Workshop for support

Need some support getting started with Global Divestment Mobilisation? Join one of our online workshops where divestment campaigners will be sharing resources, answering your questions, crowd-sourcing ideas and sharing stories from some of the most inspiring divestment campaigns around the world.

Mobilising for Global Divestment

Monday 13th March 7:30pm CET (6:30pm GMT) – sign up

Hear from campaigners around the world.  Join us to discuss why GDM is focusing on the impacts of climate change, and get ideas for creative actions you can take that feel relevant for where you are and for your divestment target.

Escalating your divestment campaign

Wednesday 22nd March 7:30pm CET (6:30pm GMT) –sign up

Learn from divestment campaigners that have ramped up the pressure and successfully taken their campaigns to the next level. You’ll be able to hear and share ideas on how to change up your tactics and make progress in campaigns that feel a little stuck — and all in time to help plan the most effective action tactics for your Global Divestment Mobilisation event this May.

Growing your divestment campaign

Tuesday 4th April 7:30pm CET (7:30pm GMT) – sign up

We’re powerful when we take action together – but what comes next? In this webinar, we’ll be talking about how to use your action as part of the Global Divestment Mobilisation to build more long-term local people power. Join us for ideas on how to absorb all the new interest your action will generate locally into your group, and how you can harness that interest and power to win.

We can’t wait to get campaigning with you! Get your event on the map to let us know what you’re planning and then sign up to receive support through online workshops, resources and advice from other campaigners from now until May.