The Colby Alliance for Renewable Energy (C.A.R.E.) made big progress toward its divestment goal yesterday in a meeting with President Adams and Vice President Terp. Twenty-four students gathered at President Adam’s office to deliver signatures and show support. Three of these students then went into a meeting with President Adams and Vice President Terp.

Both administrators listened to  the students’ points, agreeing with some and, unfortunately, disagreeing with others. However, they promised to pass the group’s concerns on to the Investment Committee at the upcoming meeting of the Board of Trustees. The hope is that this will open a door to future conversations. Nobody expected a yes, and even though this appears to be but a small accomplishment, it is a vital first step, and the meeting was certainly a success.

Colby, with its biomass plant and its pledge to be carbon neutral by 2015, is a leader in sustainability.  C.A.R.E. believes that Colby should divest from fossil fuels as part of its broader efforts to become carbon neutral. We won’t rest until we divest!