Traveling from southeast Indiana to northeast Ohio meant passing through large cities, construction, small towns, urban areas, and cornfields. As I was crossing the state and glimpsing into the lives of these Buckeyes, lives that are being threatened; I thought to myself “this is what I am fighting for.”

But it wasn’t until the trainings planned in Ravenna, Ohio had started on Saturday, July 27, that I really understood what I had been working for all summer. I saw local citizens from Ohio, people from Columbus and Cincinnati, a couple from Michigan, students from Philadelphia, Massachusetts, and Chicago, and other people from across the country sitting in a circle being welcomed by the organizers and by each other. I heard people say they came because they saw a film about fracking, they’ve seen people in their communities suffering health effects as a result of injection wells, they want to help their neighboring states, they want fracking banned in their state, they tried going through the Ohio Legislature and haven’t seen positive results… I heard dozens of reasons why these individuals gave time out of their weekends to come and learn about fracking, the work people have done against fracking, and about people’s rights. These people gave me hope for this planet in peril and the inspiration to never stop trying. The Saturday and Sunday trainings involved deep conversations on a pressing issue and a glimpse into the action planned for Monday, July 29, in Warren.

Counter protestors lined up across the street from the courthouse square where tables were set up with information and DFO 2.0 Swag. Musicians sang about the dangers from the practices of the fossil fuel industry on our communities. I was proud to see hundreds of people support Don’t Frack Ohio, when they could’ve spent their Monday afternoons working! I was so proud to be standing with my new friends fighting the Good Fight!

Speakers took turns on stage tying together DFO’s mission with the big picture of what is happening across the world. After many powerful speeches 150 people traveled to an injection well site located just outside of the town and held an interfaith service, blocking the driveway for workers. Together, those 150 people took a stand against the fossil fuel industry, and shut down an injection well.

Thanks to the amazing people who attended and the organizers who spent many challenging months putting together all of the trainings, rally, and the action; DFO 2.0 was a huge success. The people I worked with and met through and DFO this summer have taught me a great deal about the challenges and the joys of organizing for a better today. The fossil fuel industry’s lack of concern for our lives, our communities, and our planet is intolerable and is why we should educate one another, lobby to our local, state, and federal governments, hold rallies in public spaces, risk arrest, and stand up for our neighbors around the world.

Interfaith Service at an injection well site in Warren, OH - July 29, 2013

Interfaith Service at an injection well site in Warren, OH – July 29, 2013