The issues of the carbon bubble was tackled head on this week with members of Oxford University Fossil Free campaign demonstrating in college quads across Oxford.

The action took place a couple of days after Obama admitted that we cannot afford to burn all the known fossil fuel reserves. British MPs are also warning of the serious threat posed to the environment and economy by the carbon bubble. Students are calling on Oxford University, one of the leaders in Carbon Bubble and Stranded Assets research, to join in the global fossil fuel divestment movement, which calls on institutions to pull their money out of oil, coal and gas to help avert a climate crisis.

The student organizers wanted to bring the concept of the carbon bubble to the attention of the study body – to capitalise on the world cup hype with the creative use of bubble footballs as representations of the fossil fuelled bubble. The bubbles could be seen running around college quads, from Hertford to Christ Church, and across central Oxford on Thursday evening.

The stunt is the latest in the line of demonstrations organized by the group, after the Fossil Free Future rally, and a banner drop from the Bridge of Sighs. The Fossil Free divestment campaign is rapidly galvanizing student, staff and alumni support around the country. At Oxford University, a consultation on fossil fuel divestment has been launched by the University’s Socially Responsible Investment Review Committee, which is set to conclude on June 23rd.

Miriam Chapman, a student campaigner for Fossil Free Oxford Uni said:

” The demise of the fossil fuel industry is already in motion – it is in the financial interest of institutions to divest, and would be hypocritical of our own not to do so.”

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