Following up to last month’s launch of our partner Operation Noah’s divestment campaign, for fossil free churches, here’s another great news from the UK, and the press release by ON that welcomes it.

6th October 2013 – Operation Noah is delighted by the announcement from Quakers in Britain that they are calling for divestment from fossil fuels.

They state it is incompatible with their commitment to become a low-carbon community. This was agreed by Quaker representatives on Saturday (5th October) and is subject to a final decision from their Trustees, who meet on 18th October.

Update (9th October): On 8th October, Quakers in Britain took steps to disinvest from companies engaged in extracting fossil fuels. The decision was taken by their Investment Committee, under responsibilities devolved by the Trustees.

The announcement comes just weeks after Operation Noah launched Bright Now, the campaign for church disinvestment from fossil fuel companies. The campaign calls on the Churches and Christian community in the UK to:

  • take a leading role in the debate on the ethics of investment in fossil fuels
  • disinvest from companies involved in the extraction, transportation and use of fossil fuels
  • support the development of clean alternatives to fossil fuels through their investment policies.

Operation Noah Chair Isabel Carter comments: ‘This news is a huge encouragement to us, coming so soon after our launch of the Bright Now campaign. We wish to congratulate the Quakers on taking leadership on this vital issue. We urge other churches in the UK to think seriously about following this example.’

Operation Noah have created a report for the Bright Now campaign outlining the scientific, financial, moral, theological and practical case for churches to change their investment policy on fossil fuels. It is available to download from

For further information, please contact Isabel Carter on 07800 536303.

Notes to editors

Operation Noah launched the Bright Now campaign on 20th September 2013.

Read more on the Quaker announcement.