This morning, Libérons le Louvre* are carrying out their seventh staged performance. The art-activists collective, who started a campaign in 2017 supported by over 10,000 signatures, are calling for the Louvre museum to break its links with French oil and gas company Total. Activists left black handprints all over the glass Pyramid of the Louvre, to symbolise the global victims of fossil-fuel polluter Total, who are one of the museum’s major sponsors.

The event took place as part of the wave of climate action happening all over the world. This action includes massive strikes on September 27th, in countries such as Canada and the Netherlands.

Photo : Matthieu Ponchel

By smearing such an iconic monument as the Pyramid of the Louvre in black, the collective aims to remind the whole world that the climate crimes of Total can no longer go unnoticed. It is time for the museum to break its partnership with the oil and gas giant.

The handprints on the Pyramid can be cleaned away easily, whereas the environmental footprint left by Total is not as easy to clean”, explains Ernestine, a member of the collective.

Through its sponsorship and investment in art and culture, in particular with the Louvre, Total is able to project a veneer of virtue. At the same time the company continues to put lives and ecosystems at risk, throughout the world. In reality, the Louvre supports Total’s reputation much more than Total supports the Louvre.

“We will carry on staging performances until the Louvre ends its partnership with Total. This partnership cannot be reconciled with the museum’s stated public mission, and moral responsibility.” said Alban, another activist.

Today and over the weekend climate strikers are taking to the streets in a second wave of historic actions – four million people participated in last week’s global mobilisation to demand climate justice and an end to the age of fossil fuels. From September 20th, students, parents, trade unions, businesses, health workers, scientists, celebrities, people of all backgrounds, ages, regions and faiths came together in the streets for the biggest climate protests ever seen

*Liberate the Louvre


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